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If you follow me on twitter you will have seen that I have changed my Loot Crate subscription from the regular Loot Crate to the J.K Rowlings Wizarding World Crate. I was getting a bit bored with the Loot Crate Subscription each month so I changed it. J.K Rowlings Wizarding World Crate is a totally Harry Potter themed subscription box and while this month did have a large “fantastic beasts” theme to it the box overall remained true to Harry Potter.

The Wizarding World Crate.

When you sign up to the Wizarding World Crate you get to choose what type/ size shirt you would like and what house you’re in. Naturally, I chose Slytherin as that’s the house I was sorted into when I attended Hogwarts (joined Pottermore years ago). The Wizarding World crate is a Bi-Monthly box officially licenced and full of Harry Potter and Wizarding greatness. This box will set you back $66 AUD  every 2 months which may seem like a lot but it costs less than monthly loot crates.

The Wizarding World Crate comes in a box similar to the Loot Crate. Mine was thrown about a little this month so it was slightly damaged. The trunk lock sticker was a nice touch to start the Harry Potter experience off.

Wizarding World Box

Somehow I managed to get a Mens Large t-shirt and I think it worked out for the better. The print is the cover of the New York Ghost (a wizarding paper based in New York). I donated this shirt to a Harry Potter Fanatic friend who loves it. My favourite item in the box was the plush Pigwidgeon, Rons owl. The 15cm plush took up a fair bit of the crate and is one of the major parts of the box.

Wizarding World Tee and OwlAlso in the Box was a Tina Goldstein pop figure from Fantastic Beasts. A Notebook and Loot pin like Newt Scamander. The  Hogwarts letter and owl keyring is super heavy but very handy, it’s already on my keys.

Wizarding World Contents
Try the Wizarding World loot crate by clicking the image below.

wizarding world

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  1. Mallory says:

    Harry Potter Fanatic definitely enjoying tshirt 🙂 !!

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