Winter Date Ideas – Melbourne 2016

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winter dates

If you’re single and ready to mingle or in a relationship and need the motivation to get out of bed with your significant other, I have you covered. Winter date ideas are hard to come by, poor weather and a preference for bed are the biggest issues, the next is making sure it’s somewhere not too crowded and not boring! Luckily I have ticked all these boxes with these date ideas for Melbourne 2016.

winter dates

Winter Date Ideas

  1. Catch a film at the Astor Theatre. There is a good chance that your favourite movie is playing at the Astor this winter. Pro Tip: if it’s not you can go here; look it up and REQUEST IT.
  2. If you’re trying to impress your OTP or Tinder match. You can’t ignore the opportunity to drink at one of Melbourne’s “secret” bars. Fall from Grace is the most commonly known secret bar located at the very back of State Of Grace. Pull the right book and descend the staircase down to one hell of a classy bar where bartenders that know more than just mixing booze with some soft drink.
  3. Winter Dates are perfect for Italian food. If that is what you’re seeking without having to get someone’s Nonna to make it for you, then you MUST visit Mr Ottorino in Fitzroy. It’s no frills Italian that has been passed down generations.
  4. Comfort Food in winter months is a must and a baked camembert is the top of the comfort food list. Plenty of places do it, Temple Brewing in Brunswick East do it right.
  5. Take a class with Work-Shop and learn something together or expand your knowledge.
  6. Go Ice skating! Yes, its cold outside but you’re already dressed for that!
  7.  GlowGolf it’s mini golf under UV Lighting. I shouldn’t have to say more than that.
  8. For hot food, desserts and a hand -in -hand wander, hit up the Queen Victoria Night Market on a Wednesday. Start with Vietnamese and finish with hot jam doughnuts. Explore with a cider or two and then jump on a tram home.
  9. Head to the MCG stock up on pies and beverages for the footy. There is nothing like being surrounded by thousands of cold people celebrating goals.

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