Wine Lip Tint from Chateau Labiotte

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Since I became an “adult” I have led a wine favoured lifestyle. Wine is a staple in many foods, with many meals and now on my lips. I had seen the wine lip tint by Chateau Labiotte on a few facebook click-bait pages and had ignored them. Then while I was in Japan I found them and needed them.

Wine Lip Tint from Chateau Labiotte.

I chose three colours out of 6 colours of the wine lip tint to purchase. I selected Pink Blush, Shiraz Red and Merlot Burgundy as I think they are the colours I wear the most on my lips. Chateau Labiotte is a Korean makeup brand, I have only tried a couple of Korean beauty products and I have really liked them,

Blush Pink Wine Lip Tint

Wine Lip Tint Blush Pink

This colour is very subtle on my lips. Naturally, I have very pink lips so this product took a few layers to show some colour on mine. This colour is perfect if you a looking for a hint of colour and I will be using this colour when doing a natural makeup look as it does not show very well on my face.

Shiraz Red 

Wine Lip Tint Shiraz Red

The pigment of this red is amazing. It’s very red with a blue undertone making my lips very red and my teeth super white. The Shiraz Red lip tint smells like a super sweet red wine,  However, it has no taste. The pigment of this colour is strong and you don’t need a lot to get a good colour. You do need to apply this fast as it dries to a tacky finish quite quickly and then to a dry lip within 15 minutes.

Merlot Burgundy

Wine Lip Tint Merlot Burgundy

The Merlot Burgundy was my choice out of the colours. I prefer a berry lip and I loved the colour of this Wine Lip Tint. The Merlot Burgundy is my favourite colour out of the three. The tint is the same as if I had drunk a glass of wine and it had stained my lips. Again this wine lip tint has a sweet wine scent and no taste.

Wine Lip Tint Final Opinion.

I really like these lip tints. The pigment of the Shiraz Red and Merlot Burgundy are really strong which I wasn’t expecting. The staying power of all three lip tints was excellent, one application lasted me until late afternoon and then a second application lasted until well after dinner.

While I found these ones in Japan you can purchase them in Australia from The Sesame Shop for $15.99 per lip tint. I will be buying these again and getting the rest of the colours.


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