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date yourself

If you’ve clicked on this blog post thinking ” this girl is so pathetic, she thinks that you should date yourself” then you are a fool. I am a firm believer in dating yourself. I have been in a relationship for over three years now (shout out to mark for putting up with me!) and while we are always out on dates and adventures there are somethings as a couple you just wont do on a date.

That is why I believe you should date yourself. 

It’s not about self-love or knowing yourself. It’s about being a little selfish and doing what you want to do and going places you want to go without having to worry about someone else’s entertainment, allergies or budget.

Last week I took my self on a date. It was a Friday and one of the last warm days in Autumn to sum it up, perfect dating weather.

After sleeping in late and not having to share the bathroom I took myself to Oscars Hangout in Moorabbin and ordered the largest strongest coffee they could offer. I browsed the menu at my leisure and ordered the Oscars Big Breakfast even though I don’t like mushrooms. I took my time eating and played on my social medias, responded to blog posts I related to and hung out in the warm sun.

Oscars Big Breakfast _ Date yourself

After breakfast I took myself window shopping, I had no purpose for the shopping I just wanted to see what was there. I picked up a few bargains and had my brows done. I tried on clothes in stores that are to expensive for me and made a mental shopping list of things to buy when I get paid, I got paid and didn’t buy any of these things.

I pretended to listen to women at counters and scored a few makeup samples. I considered going to a movie but there wasn’t anything I wanted to see. I went to timezone a smashed a basketball game and then I took myself home.

I firmly believe you should date yourself, even if it is once in a while. Doing what ever you want for your self is ok and more people need to realise that.

Do you believe in dating yourself? Have you ever considered it? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Zoe says:

    I think that’s a great idea, I used to love just going out browsing the shops on my own, unfortunately due to my health problems I can’t go out alone now but if I could, I would definitely give this a go xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Everyday Aimee says:

      Oh No! i hope you get better and take yourself on a date soon! don’t forget you can have a home date day too.

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