Day 20: Top 3 Movie Choices.

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I watch a lot of movies. I like to switch my mind off at the end of the day and movies help me do that. Today we are talking about my top 3 movies and I’m going to add in why I like them and a few other bits. This post may contain spoilers about some really great movies.

My Top 3 Movies.

Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Not only does this movie have an amazing soundtrack but it’s a really sweet story about a team of outcasts coming together to beat the bad guys (of course). With comic relief in all the right places and mother may care attitude this movie is my go to for chillen out and going mind blank.

This movie is full of badass attitude while remaining clean enough that it is enjoyable. Part of the Marvel universe, Guardians became my favourite movie when it combined heroes with the best soundtrack ever. Soundtracks play a heavy influence in my movie choices.

Mean Girls

A documentary on high school life Mean Girls follows the journey of Cady. Cady’s journey begins when her parents move her from Africa to the states and put her in a high school to deal with animals of a different kind.

OK so not really but in a way this movie is so relatable because it is so realistic. This movie is over 10 years old now and it’s still one of my faves. From the back building to trust falls Mean Girls is a movie that reassures you that High School (and life!) is difficult for everyone. Mean girls is also insanely quotable, most people will have one line that they can relate to and if you ask them about mean girls they will share it with you.

Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist.

Another movie with an excellent soundtrack this movie follows Nick and Norah on an adventure to find Fluffy. Fluffy is playing a secret gig somewhere in New York and a series of clues lead fans to the show. On the way Nick meets Norah and they join together to find fluffy, with Nicks car on it’s last legs and Norahs amazing ability to get into any club finding fluffy is more of an adventure than you would expect.

Nick and Norahs infinite playlist changed my opinion about Kat Dennings from Meh to “She is excellent and perfect in everyway”.


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