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#ggblogchallenge what I learnt

Oh wow. We made it! The last day of the #GGBlogChallenge and today is focused on what we all learnt. I don’t know about the other Girl Gang Members but I learnt a lot from this challenge and I am actually really thankful for it.

What I Learnt From The #GGBlogChallenge

Going into this challenge I was ready to blog. I had 30 topics in mind and knew I did not want to attempt this alone. So I rallied some other Girl Gang Members, we tweaked the list to include other topics and we hit day one. Week one went quite well and then I re-learnt something I already knew; Life gets in the way of everyone’s best intentions.

I also learnt that 30 days for 30 topics is a very large workload. Although the topics were provided I found myself not wanting to post because I didn’t like the topic. The crazy part was that I wrote the topics! When it come down to it, content for 30 posts plus images, SEO, social media and planning was almost too much for me.

I did, however, have a great time getting to know the other bloggers in the #GGBlogChallenge and #TheGirlGang community. The think I loved the most about this challenge was that I pushed myself harder than I usually would for this blog and wrote some posts that I would usually avoid the topic of and stepped outside my comfort zone.

This challenge also helped me generate post ideas for October and November. I came up with so many topics I have been able to plan for two months! Which is awesome for me since I started this challenge because I was stuck for topics.

I just want to give a shout out to all the bloggers who jumped on this challenge. Here’s hoping you all got something out of it. I also would like to thank Jemma from Dorkface Blog and leader of the fearless Girl Gang for her blessing to run this challenge with the Girl Gang name.

See you in October aka the best month of the year.


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