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Most of us know that with subscription boxes the first one is the best and then the second is a bit of a let down so when this months Love Lois box came I wasn’t sure what to expect considering what Love Lois packed into the first box. Thankfully I wasn’t let down with a new delivery of chocolate, Oh and a replenishment of pads and tampons too (I said no boys!).

What I am really loving about Love Lois is that for the first month I had more than I needed and some carried through and I’ve combined the two, Thank you universe for short period lengths and long cycles, meaning that I am never going to find my self short again.


This Months box included Chocolate, Regular tampons (they alternate remember) Some tea, 5x overnight pads and 5x day time pads.

I get the Melina Regular Box.

This month I was also impressed that when my payment didn’t go through (Thanks lost wallet) I got an email from a real live person checking in to see if I wanted to continue my subscription or cancel. Props for customer service right there!


Have you tried Love Lois? Are you lovin another subscription box right now? Let me know in the comments.


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