Well I Guess This is Growing Up.

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At 23 I’m expected to start doing all those things that are counted as milestones in your life. It’s time for me to start finding someone who will try put up with me for the rest of our lives and start reproducing. Not necessarily in that order.

After this weekend these expectations are becoming more and more obvious thanks to those around me. This weekend two of my friends announced their engagement and another set announced that they will be having a baby early next year. For me I know that I will eventually settle down and squeeze out a few minions of my own, but at 23 it’s not really something I’d be considering right now.

As I am my next step is finishing my degree and gaining a graduate position with an airline or a bank, in either PR or Human Resource (Relations). Thats the plan so far. When I share this with people they look at me like I’m crazy, Like there must be some insane reason I am choosing a career over children (the most common comment). That is not at all the truth, I am choosing a stable future where I can own my own home by thirty and not be renting or looking at still being at my mothers house.

I have a wonderful boyfriend, who I adore with every part of me but are we looking at settling down soon? No.

So why am I being judged for wanting to be financially secure and putting to use a degree I have spent a significant amount of time gaining?

If you’re in the same situation or have a completely different view I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below.

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