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This weekend I headed out for dinner with my friend Bella and 15 of her closest friends to celebrate her 21st Birthday at Yamagata Teppanyaki Japanese. For those who don’t know what its all about they cook the food in front of you and serve it as it is done.

Egg GamePart of the fun is that you play games while you eat and they are cooking. First we played a game where you have to catch an egg in the bowl. Apart from where they briefly sat on the hotplate these eggs are raw, If you don’t get it in the bowl you will get raw egg all over you!  The next game we played used the eggs we caught in the bowls to make an omelet, we then had to catch bits of the omelet in our mouths! Not great for someone like me who doesn’t eat plain egg! The final game of the night was a bowl catching one. We began by catching bowls that we added too one by one finally catching a bowl of fried rice on the top. YES, someone did smash a bowl and YES rice did go everywhere!!

At the start we had pointed out that we had a birthday girl within our group and out chef, Wade, got us to ‘sing’ Happy Birthday to her. The singing wasn’t our best attempt but we got the job done and were rewarded with fire and who doesn’t like that. You can watch our version of happy birthday and the egg game on my facebook page by clicking on these photos.

Birthday GirlTeppanyaki is a lot of fun and the food isn’t bad either! Something everyone should do at least once, though be warned it is quiet costly.

Happy 21st Bella.


Todays Song: Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen


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