VIOLET BOX number 2, I wasn’t that excited by number 1.

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I recently subscribed to Violet box and last month I wasn’t that impressed by it at all so I didn’t blog about it.
I’m big on second chances so I decided to subscribe for a second month to see if I just had a dud month.

It looks like I did, this months box really appealed to me. With a huge focus on the eyes it was an instant hit.
It also arrived on a Sunday thanks to Christmas mail. Who laughing now Uncle Vernon?

no post on sundays vs violet box

So what was in the December Violet Box?

  • Designer Brands Corner reusable fake lashes.
  •  Mellow Gel Eyeliner in Black
  • Naobay Oxygenating Creme Moisturiser.
  • Go Palette -Cario (eyeshadow palette)
  • Lonvitalite 24K active gold face mask.


Lets start with the lashes. I love corner lashes they’re just enough to give my eyes that oomph without going crazy. I am a huge lashes hoarder so I haven’t used them yet but I will update with a pic when I do. Mellow Gel Eyeliner I have always stayed away from gel eyeliners I used one a long time ago and ended up looking like I had been punched in the face. The Mellow Gel Eyeliner has helped heal my make up wounds and I am loving it.  Paired with the Go Palette- Cario for a natural looking eye I am ready for a night out.

Violet Box Eye Image Everyday Aimee

This is the second time I have received a Longvitalite product and I am not loving them. Both times I have used it and I have had an uneven skin tone for weeks. I use a toner to rectify my naturally uneven tone so I am not to please that this product only enhances it. Naobay Oxygenating Creme Moisturiser was also included in my box and while it feels lighter than my moisturizer it has been added to my collection of hand moisturisers.

This was my second Violet Box and I am loving the eye trend they have going!

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