Jelly Lipstick Testing. Spoiler ITS AMAZING.

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Jelly Lipstick

Okay I just want to talk Jelly Lipsticks and how they are my new favourite whole thing. I seriously love them.I have been looking at these lipsticks for a while, especially the ones with the flowers in them. Most are proving to be too expensive to justify the purchase plus shipping.

Luckily this month I got one in my Bellabox to test out and it is already my handbag favourite. Jelly Lipstick

What is a Jelly Lipstick? 

As pictured above , Jelly Lipsticks are a translucent balm/ tiny in a lipstick form that develop colour with your body heat. They develop into different shades depending on your body heat so this one can be a subtle pink or a deep pink, they have called it Sunset. Bellabox stocks a variety of colours that you can check out here.

When I did the swatch card for the sunset lipstick my room was quiet warm so the colour developed into this really pretty pink.  The lipstick is easy to put on like any other lipstick. It has staying power like a stain and doesn’t smudge!

Have you tried any Jelly Lipsticks?

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