Trapped in a struggle.

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I am in a funk.
So many things not going as planned this year has lead to me feeling like I’ve failed in so many ways and I’m really struggling to stay positive.
I had a plan. Graduate Uni, get a job that allows me to afford a place of my own and enjoy a bit of free time.

But with Swinburne messing up my enrollment, and not notifying me of this issue until after I had taken a full time job, I have not graduated. The awesome job I had lined up has fallen though because I haven’t graduated and I can’t graduate until I ‘finish’ uni. Meaning that I have to fix the mess Swinburne has created.

Being 24 and living at home is not ideal. I really just want my own space to fill with my own stuff and the ability to sleep in on weekends past 9am when I’m there. I have a full time job that allows me to cover my rent and bill as which is great and I’m lucky, but it doesn’t allow me to save so I can afford a car or place of my own.

I am in a funk and I’m really struggling to move on.

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