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Maricar Tokyo

We didn’t want to spend all our time in Osaka. On day 4 we jumped on the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to Tokyo. The trip from Osaka to Tokyo is just over 2 hours depending on the stops.  A trip on the Shinkansen will set you back 14,650 Yen (168.19 AUD)with a booked seat. It’s a lot for a one-way trip, luckily we had the Japan Rail Pass and it was included in the cost of the pass.

The Shinkansen travelled at an average of 280.9 KM/H. The Shinkansen is very comfortable with tray tables and reclining seats. Our mistake was not bringing enough snacks, however there is a cart you can buy food from that comes once an hour. Mark wanted to see Mt Fuji while we were there and luckily it was on the way!

Mount Fuji on the way to Tokyo

Days 4-6 Around Tokyo

For the main part of our stay in the Tokyo area, we stayed in Shin-Okubo, about 20 minutes outside of Tokyo. Shin-Okubo is the “Korean Area” of Japan and there were so many make-up stores. Our apartment was a 5-minute walk from the station which made it very central to everything we wanted to do.

Day 5 we went to Harajuku and did some shopping. I picked up a Pandora charm for my bracelet that was exclusive to Japan and Mark checked out some things on his wish list. This was the first day it rained and luckily we had an umbrella. We tried Harajuku crepes, mine had cream, brownie, strawberry and caramel sauce. Harajuku Crepes Tokyo

We also went to Luke’s Lobster and tried lobster for the first time, the lobster was cold which threw me as I thought it would be hot but it was delicious.

Lukes Lobster
That night we went to Yellowcard which was the purpose of this trip. Shows in Japan are so different to shows at home. The energy of the fans is crazy and before and in between songs fans pump their fists and yell “oi”. It’s so hard to describe but I highly recommend you go to Japan and experience a live band yourself. The Yellowcard Tokyo show was supposed to be the last show ever but then they had to add more home dates.

Yellowcard in Tokyo
We made some friends in line who were from the states, I didn’t realise how much I needed to speak to anyone that wasn’t Mark!

Day 6.  We slept in after a late night drinking with our new friends. When we eventually emerged from the apartment and headed down to Shinagawa. Today’s mission was to tick one very important thing off our Japan Bucket list. For Marks birthday we went to Maricar which is essentially go-carting on the roads in costumes. It was freezing but amazing. This is the Tokyo location of Maricar. Even though it’s a little way from Tokyo it is worth it.

Maricar Tokyo
We met up with our American friends after go carting for some food in Shibuya. We also experienced the Shibuya crossing and levels of bars.


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