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Missing Month Harry Potter

Hello! how are you? If you didn’t notice I went missing this past month or so. Unlike last year I didn’t lose my motivation (classic reason) I just lost my time. I moved stores at work which upped my work load and my energy dwindled as I tried to settle in again to a new location and team.

While I was missing I also spent some time making sure I was focusing on my life offline including Friends / Boyfriend and Family.  So believe me when I say that missing Aimee was very active in life but not so much life online and that is a ok!

What I did when I was missing; 

I house sat. I am actually still house sitting but I am almost at the end. I looked after not only a house but 8 chickens, 18 budgies, 2 cats and of course Gracie. House sitting is actually very, very boring. I watched a lot of tv and ate a lot of frozen meals. Living the dream right? (Super sarcasm there guys)

I went to a Harry Potter birthday party and it was amazing. The costumes, the drinks, everything was excellent. I made and rocked a Beauxbaxtons presentation/uniform costume that was a hit. I posed for a lot of photos, it didn’t occur to me that it would be such a big deal but people loved it. I also attended Open House Melbourne which is where for 48 hours there are tours of buildings in Melbourne that you are not usually allowed in, I have done this 3 years running and it is so much fun.

I have made a commitment to my self that if I go to an arcade like timezone I will always play “Deal or No Deal”. So far it has worked out pretty well, somehow I have developed a useless talent for it and manage to win sweet prizes like this crown from my winnings at Forrest Hill AMF.


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