The Japan Plan (Free Holiday Budget Spreadsheet)

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Japan Plan Holiday Spreadsheet

Mark and I are taking a large relationship size step and have booked our first holiday together to Japan. We have booked our tickets with the help of Peta Zablocki at Flight Center who was very patient with how picky I am when it comes to airlines! Snaps for Peta. Right now we are putting together what I have titled “The Japan Plan” which is a list of what we would like to do and have discovered in our research.

The Japan Plan So Far

Here is what we know. We land on the 25th Feb 2017 after 9pm and we fly out on the 7th of March 2017. On the 2nd of March, we are going to see Yellowcard play their last show ever (sad face) which happens to be why were planning this trip in the first place. The 28th of Feb is Marks birthday so we want to do something awesome, My vote is Disneyland but at this point of the japan plan that is still up in the air.

We’re using Trello for the Japan plan and it’s really helpful because we can both add to it and comment on each other’s additions. So far Mark has added more to the Japan plan than I have but I’m sure I will get around to it. My only additions have been the cup noodle museum and Disneyland, only one of these has marks support.

If you have been to japan we would love to hear about it or get any recommendations about where to go or what to do while were in Japan.

I also designed a holiday budget spreadsheet for Mark and me to keep track of what we have paid for so far and how much we are spending. You can grab a FREE download of it by clicking the image below.

Japan Plan Spreadsheet


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