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After 5 very long years of stop start uni, overseas study and two changes to my Major I am finally a graduate. I started this blog when I thought I was in my last semester of uni and then everything went awry. Mixed up units, changing campus an attempt at online learning were just a few of the hiccups I had to endure in my mission to become a graduate yet I managed to get here.

Uni is not as easy as movies make it out to be but there are a lot of loopholes in the rules which does help. Textbooks are not cheap and the majority of the time if they are compulsory it means your lecturer has written it.

Graduation Day is a long one, I came up with these tips to help you on your path to becoming a graduate.

Graduation Tips; 

  1. Get there early. 
    The recommend that time for a reason, you spend most of your day in a line for something. From check in to gowning and then graduating. There are lines all day.
  2. Wear comfy shoes.
    I wore a 2 inch heel and even I was struggling by the end of the day. I cannot imagine what the girls in 6 inch heels were feeling.
  3. Measure yourself and Measure again, then doubt.
    The gowns are size ranged, not specific. Think you’re an extra small not a small go with your gut. 2 cm in your height could be a huge difference in the size and you know you better than anyone else.
  4. Take Sugar.
    Candy got me through 3 hours of sitting down without being so rude as some of the people surrounding me and being on my phone the whole time.
  5. Get a good nights sleep.
    I was tired so I hit struggle town at about 10.30, graduation started at 11 so I needed a nap before we started.

So now I am a graduate out to face the big wide world where no one seems to be hiring. Are you graduating soon? Let me know your best graduation tips in the comments.


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