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27 life

My Birthday was on Wednesday! I am now 27, that’s officially too old to pretend I am not an adult anymore. While I have no intention of doing serious adult things like having kids it does mean some little changes in my life.

Changes? Like what? Why I’m so glad you asked!

Life Changes at 27

Let me start by saying I have no intention of joining the actual 27 club, life is pretty sweet at the moment. I have a bunch of tickets to see some old favourite bands, a trip to Japan and summer coming up.

I do need to change some things now that I am 27. First up I need to start doing washing on a regular basis. I have enough clothes to get through about 2 weeks but that turns into 3 weeks to often and then before I know it I have to leave the house in 10 minutes and there is nothing to wear.

Also, my mum will love this one, I need to move out. 27 and still at home!? I know ok. I have a good excuse, it’s that I am lazy and have a makeup problem aka a money problem. However, this goes against my next change which is to travel more, in Australia or outside I don’t mind I just know I’m missing a bunch of life.

I told you there were some little changes to make!

27 life. Lipstick and Wine
My birthday this year was very quiet. I at a bunch of burgers opened a couple of presents and spent most of my day transporting myself around to the city, marks house, and home again.

I asked for a received the harry potter book set, all the ones we own are destroyed by love so now I have a fresh new set!

I guess this is growing up.


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