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Lately I’ve been taking care of myself, for some reason it’s finally gotten through to me that my body has to last me a lifetime. That may be 25 years, it may be 100 years, whenever that life time goes till it means that filling up on KFC dipped in chocolate although delicious, it should NOT be an everyday food.

So what is going to change?

I’m making the effort and taking care of myself. I’m using my health insurance to take care of the things I have been avoiding, Mainly the dentist the place where teeth go to be told off. Last week I finally decided it was time to care about the weird black things that keep floating across my eyeballs and into my vision, especially since doctor google said that it was cancer.

The good news is they are just floaters and totally normal, However it did turn out that I am slightly long sighted and that glasses would be a good idea if I needed to use the computer a lot. I said I was a blogger and the optometrist asked if that meant I used a computer a lot… Sigh.

Glasses take care of my eye problems!

The great news is I am now one of those cool kids who gets to wear glasses (only for reading) and I love that. Seriously I was always jealous of my friends who had glasses when I was a kid.

Being conscious of my health has meant I have started eating better and feeling better. Making that shift and starting to take care of my body is a super positive move for me and I am really glad I have health insurance! If you don’t have health insurance see if the place you work at has a corporate discount with anyone so you don’t get caught out when you really need it!

Got any tips for taking care of yourself? I wanna see them in the comments!


  1. Justine says:

    Love your short easy to read blogs 🙂 xxx

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