Black Friday Bargain Haul

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Everyday Aimee Shopping

Black Friday only came to Australia a few years ago. Before that we relied on Stocktake sales and Mid-Year Clearance Sales. When they first arrived many Australians made comments like “It’s an American thing” and “Those sales make people crazy”. Now it’s more like “they ran out so fast” and “40% off! That’s not a sale”. To be fair, that is the Australian way.

Saving on a Budget.

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I have never been very good at saving. I usually get halfway there and then spend all the money that I was trying to save. I give myself budget after budget and never manage to stick to them, Having started a new job and with all the trouble I am having with my car at the moment I have decided that it really is time to look at how I am spending my money and where I could save or cut costs.


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