Sugar Fix with Bella Box and Pop Sugar.

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Packages make your day better, Its a fail safe way to improve a bad week and drain your bank account. Improving my week this week is the Sugar Fix beauty box by Bella Box and Pop Sugar, These guys really know how to perk up a slow Tuesday.

Sugar Fix By Bella Box

So what did I get for my sugar fix?

Starting with my favourite product Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil. This pencil is one of the best highlighters I have used it blends so smoothly and adds that slight touch that I want from a highlighter. The only letdown of this product is that I need to sharpen it and I can never find my sharpener when I need it.

The double ended Emerald Tabula by Eye Of Horus eye pencil is an unusual addition to my make up collection. I would never choose a coloured eye pencil for myself, I like the basic black wing look but I am willing to give anything a try. This pencil goes on strong and claims to be accidental smudge proof, although it does offer sponge point for intentional smudging on the other end.

I tried out Palmers moisture rich night cream, I have always loved any of the palmers products and this is no exception. Wednesday Morning’s wake up was delicious the cocoa butter made my face smell amazing, although I didn’t see any instant change in my skin I am a fan of this product. The smell is excellent and the product itself is not too thick or thin, it gives really good coverage from a small amount and gives my skin a nice glow.

Bella Box Sugar Fix
Without any pimples at the moment I couldn’t really try the Control + face gel by Real-U and get a clear idea of how effective it is. A swatch test on my hand was able to show me that a little amount covers a fair amount of skin. It leaves no greasy residue and my skin felt soft after one use. I tested out the Sunescape gradual tan extender on my feet. After one use I saw a faint change in colour, I plan to keep applying it and see if there is much success and consistency with the tan.
Finally a sample of Impulse Romantic Spark. This scent is heavily floral and makes it through the day, it’s not something I would wear again I’m not a fan of heavily floral scents but if you are you should try it.

What is your scent? Are you a floral or fruity? Let me know in the comments!.


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