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Stevie K Cosmetics are the new kids on the Australian beauty market. A dream come true for the creators behind this new make up bag favourite Stevie K have a brand and product sure to impress. 

Stevie K First Order I accidentally managed to be their first customer and in my excitement my expectations went up and I was not let down. I purchased the Girl Boss (creme) and My Milkshake (matte) Lipsticks and it is instant love! Both lipsticks have a strong colour pigment and last all day. All lipstick have a badass Melbourne Inspired box that differs per colour and to top it off they don’t test on animals.

How about the Stevie K lipstick colours?

Stevie K Girl Boss and My milkshake  

Girl Boss Creme Lipstick: This lipstick delivers what it promises. A strong pigment, non-drying and long-lasting? check, check and check. This colour is a hot fuchsia pink with just enough sheen to catch the light yet not throw you back to the 80’s. I did find myself blotting this lipstick as it does go on quiet thick, even after blotting I found a strong and long-lasting colour.

In the tube Girl Boss looks almost red, I got a little worried because I cannot pull of a red lip, but as soon as the lipstick itself hit the light I found the perfect pink.


My Milkshake by Stevie K
My Milkshake Matte Lipstick: Yes, I picked this because of the song and I do not regret it. My Milkshake looks hot pink on the Stevie K website and in reality it is a hot Barbie pink, still gorgeous but not totally what I was expecting. I was intrigued to see how this colour was going to translate into a matte.

The colour only slightly changed on my lips and it was matte perfect, Again I used a bit of blotting since it does go on thick but I didn’t lose any pigment and it lasted until it was time to remove all make up at the end of my very long day.

Overall Impressions.

Stevie K took their time getting their lipsticks just right and it has paid off. At the end of they day my lips feel lip they’ve been wearing a balm not a lipstick and still have colour on them. My Milkshake hasn’t left my lips since I got it and I have found myself planning outfits around it for work. If that doesn’t scream new-found love I don’t know what does.

Currently the brand is only available in Australia but I have no doubt they will hit the international market asap, alternatively there is a few of us who can hook you up!


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