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Bella Box Spring Racing

I know I missed last month’s boxes. The #ggblogchallenge took over this blog and I forgot to post them earlier in this month. The October Bella Box*** is themed spring racing and it is basically a survival kit for the spring racing carnival; kind of like the one I wrote here. 
Bella Box is a monthly subscription box based in Australia that sends out 5-6 sample beauty products a month. A subscription to Bella Box is $17.95 per month however the value of the products in the box usually totals above $70 so it is worth it.

Bella Box Spring Racing

I wasn’t really looking forward to getting this box. The topic was a little boring for me as I won’t be attending the races this year.

The Spring Racing Bella Box.

I want to talk about the products I didn’t care for first. Dermal Heel Balm was disappointing, I followed the instructions for 4 days and only saw results on the 4th day. For a product that promises change in 1 day, it didn’t really do much. Likewise, I wasn’t impressed with the Cetaphil Ultra Hydrating Lotion I applied liberally to dry patches and then promptly ran out.

The can of Batiste Dry Shampoo was a life saver this morning. I had run out and naturally I forgot to get more.  The ‘blush’ shampoo has a faint floral smell to it that I got a few compliments on so that was nice, I probably wouldn’t buy this one since it is 4 times the price of my regular one. I love Laqa & Co lip products and this one is no different. It’s a pretty pink colour that just tints my lips enough to look like I have makeup on without it being overwhelming.

Bella Box Faves

My two favourite products in this Bella Box also happen two of my favourite brands. The Nuxe Dry Oil is on of my favourite products. Good for hair, body and face this oil is an all-rounder that I never let run out. This sample also has illuminating properties which are perfect for summer ‘no makeup’ days when you still want to glow.
I recently discovered Neon & Co and cannot get enough of their hair products. I haven’t tried the hair shot included in this box yet but I firmly believe the results will be great.

Join bellabox today and get $5 off your first month!


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