Shuffle Songs, My First 10 // Day 26

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Shuffle Yellowcard

What list is complete without a song shuffle? None. Todays #GGBlogChallenge post wants to know my first 10 songs that pop up on shuffle and to be honest these are my favourite posts. I chose to do this challenge with my iTunes library instead of just my iPod as there is 10 times the amount of music on my iTunes over my iPod.

Shuffle Songs, My First 10

Dangerous To Know -Hilary Duff

From her self-titled album Dangerous to know is one of the darker songs from Hilary Duff. I actually loved this whole album, it came out at the beginning of my emo period. As my music taste got darker so did everyone else’s

.Shuffle Hilary Duff

Chamber The Cartridge – Rise Against.

I cannot listen to Rise Against when I am driving as I find myself trying to speed. Chamber The Cartridge is off the album ‘The Sufferer And The Witness’ my favourite album by Rise Against. Although this isn’t my favourite song of the album I keep it in my iTunes.

Cheers To A Late Night- This Time Next Year.

I haven’t heard this song in ages, I guess that’s the beauty of shuffle! This time next year were never my go to band so I am a bit surprised I have them in my iTunes. Don’t get me wrong, a Great band just not my best ever.

Here We Go Again – Pixie Lott

This song is so damn catchy and came out at a time when I could relate to every single word, Aka my hard party time. One that pops up in my shuffle frequently and I never regret it, not my usual style but I still like this song!

Stay Together For The Kids- Blink 182

From the TOYPAJ album Stay Together For The Kids comes up a lot on my shuffle. I guess even apple loves Blink 182!

I Almost Do – Taylor Swift

I Almost Do is of Taylor Swifts ‘Red’ Album. Another breakup song by Taylor this song makes you think of the one person you want to avoid. Say what you want but Taylor has a way with words.

Oh Well, Oh Well – Mayday Parade.

I used to love Mayday Parade, Then I saw them a couple of years ago and their performance was disgraceful. Oh Well, Oh Well tugs at the heart strings and I strongly advise against listening to it if you’re sad.

Sing For Me – Yellowcard

My favourite band ever, Sing For Me is off my favourite album by them “When you’re through thinking, say yes”.  This song is going to get much harder to listen to come February.

Shuffle Yellowcard

I Just Want You To Know -Reliant K. 

My opinion of Reliant K changes all the time. Sometimes they’re all I want to listen to and then other days I don’t want to listen to them at all.

I Will Still Love You -Britney Spears feat Don Philip

This song is in my top 2 from the ‘Baby, One More Time” album. The whole album changed my world and made sure Britney was my favourite artist of all time.

What’s on your shuffle? let me know in the comments!


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