Shoes And Other Reasons I Can’t Be Trusted With Money.

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Have you ever seen something and thought; ‘I need that in my life now’ so you bought it?   I do it with shoes, I had an ex-boyfriend do it with a car and my friend Cas does it with anything pink and sparkly.

I like to believe I can be trusted with money. I can be, as long as it’s someone else’s. My own money is a totally different story, my thought process is ‘I’m not hurting anyone but my self and shoes will take the pain away.’ I know, I have a problem.

I work on a see it and buy it system. Most of the time its a hit, other times I end up with bags and bags of things that are way to big, way to small, really ugly or broken. This is why I have developed 9 questions that I ask myself  before I buy anything to make sure that I am wasting less money than usual.

  1. Do I need it?
  2. How much does this cost per year? (cost/365=to buy or not to buy)
  3. How does this improve my livelihood?
  4. Have I considered/wanted this for a while?
  5. Can I lay by and spread the cost?
  6. Do I already have this in a different colour?
  7. Will this last more than on season?
  8. Am I replacing something I broke/outgrew?
  9. Is this item shoes?

Number 9 is always the swing vote for me if its shoes I struggle to resist, anything else I can say no too. I found that this list of questions helps me limit the amount of pretty junk I buy and only buy the things I need.

I know that most people wont believe it but I have cut my spending in half. What helps you curb your spending?


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