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Phew! September has gone for another year. This means there are only a few months left of 2016, soon it will be summer and today we are 9 days from my birthday!, Also known as my favourite day of the year. I spent this September doing the #GGBlogChallenge and although I did not succeed in blogging every day I think I did a pretty good job almost keeping up!

Life During September.

Life this month was full on. There are a lot of changes going on at work, I was running/ completing the blog challenge and every day was packed full of people wanting to be social almost all the time. I did manage to set some time aside to see Mark and hang out with Gracie.

Mark and I are currently planning a trip to Japan, so during September we paid for our flights. Now we’re broke but very excited. It will be our first trip together so hopefully we don’t kill each other. September was also a big month for going on dates, we try to go one at least one a month and this month we achieved 3!

September show date burger
The Royal Melbourne Show is our traditional date and this year was no different. We immediately headed for the wine area, that’s what adults do, and got burgers to go with our wine. I swear they have jacked up the entry prices so next year might not happen. We also went to the Tesslar Tulip Festival in silvan, it was very pretty but there wasn’t much to do.

Tulip Festival Date September

Now we’re in October I have 2 things to focus on. Planning for Japan and my birthday which happens to coincide with the most important day of the year, My Birthday.

Was your September great or are you glad to be in October now?

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