Saving on a Budget.

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I have never been very good at saving. I usually get halfway there and then spend all the money that I was trying to save. I give myself budget after budget and never manage to stick to them, Having started a new job and with all the trouble I am having with my car at the moment I have decided that it really is time to look at how I am spending my money and where I could save or cut costs.

How did I start saving on a budget?

I’m lucky that my budget isn’t so tight that I don’t have room for fun, at the same time I am paid monthly and that means that I need to be smart with my money and make it last the month. To help me with this I have made myself a spreadsheet to help me start saving on a budget.

Savings Planner

When building this spreadsheet I thought about what I need to pay for on a monthly basis, cut out some of my luxuries and managed to cut my spending! I also left a few empty boxes so I can add in some things in if they come up unexpectedly.

So far the spreadsheet has helped keep my spending in check and my savings are slowly growing. It’s really nice to see money going into my account rather than out of it constantly. I even have a beauty budget!

So how can you start saving on a budget?

I am giving away my spreadsheet as a free download! Not even a sign up in my sidebar download (though you can if you would like.) Just click the image below and then hit the download button.

Saving on a Budget is easy, FREE DOWNLOAD!


  1. Life Is What Happens. – Everyday Aimee says:

    […] in hens nights when people are not as organised as you. I think im going to make an allowance in my budget for unexpected […]

  2. Bec says:

    I am very much the same.. ‘ooo I have some money, I’ll just buy this little thing’. Bad! I need this budget badly hehe thank you!
    Bec recently posted…Savoury Parmesan French ToastMy Profile

    1. Everyday Aimee says:

      I hope it helps! I have had my best two months of saving yet!

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