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If you’re a makeup lover I guarantee that you have purchased or have considered purchasing a rainbow highlighter. I finally did. Before the internet went crazy for it I had my eye on a highlighter by Bitter Lace Beauty, then the internet found it and it sold out. Luckily for me, the lovely Phee from Phee’s Makeup Tips hand makes mineral makeup. Phee sells her makeup through Phee’s Makeup Shop and not only is it amazing to use it’s also vegan and cruelty-free.

Hand Over The Rainbow Highlighter and No One Gets Hurt.

Being as clever as I am I ordered my highlighter to be sent to my friend in England so she could bring it home when she visited next. Genius idea right? It was until she left it behind, Thank’s Bella. So after a bit of a delay my Rainbow Glow Highlight Powder arrived and I almost cried.

Do you blame me? Look at the way it shines. As soon as I put it on I felt like a princess, I spent all day at work twisting my face to catch the light and asking people to appreciate my rainbow.

 My First Impressions of the Rainbow Highlighter. 

I like the compact it came in, I’m glad I purchased it in the compact and not just in the pan. I don’t want to imagine how it would have arrived as just the pan. It’s so nice and very shiny it looks a little cracked but that’s probably just because it’s handmade. I love how the pigment stays strong even when I swatch two separate colours

The highlighter transfers really well on the  a brush, It does take a little experimenting to put onto you face as a rainbow. I found myself wishing that the blue was deeper, the pastel is pretty but imagine a deep blue.

Overall I love this highlighter and you should buy it. Phee’s Makeup Tips makes quality mineral makeup that works for sensitive skin. Shipping can take a little while but its totally worth the wait.


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