20 Appropriate Responses to I’m Pregnant or Engaged.

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In life, you notice that your friends all go through common phases. Right now my friends are in the pregnant or engaged phase. They call or text and say “I have news” if you’re a gambler like me you already know the odds are either pregnant or engaged.

Sure enough not long after the “I have news” message comes through a picture shortly follows confirming one or the other. Only once in 2 years have I been wrong and that ended in “I’m moving to South America”.

I have very little interest in getting engaged myself and pregnancy has never been on the agenda. so when someone chooses to share their “news” with me I have come up with a set of responses that help get me by.

ben-rosett-10613 pregnant or engaged

Appropriate Responses to I’m Pregnant or Engaged.

  1. Oh, a baby.
  2. That’s exciting.
  3. When did that happen?
  4. That changes things, doesn’t it?
  5. So planning for .
  6. has some good clothes for that.
  7. That’s got you/him/her locked down now!
  8. Guess you’re planning some leave for then!
  9. You should get a dog! Perfect for photos during that time!
  10. Again! oh wow.
  11. You’re going to need a bigger car/house/ t-shirt.
  12. What a coincidence so is . You guys are twins.
  13. “So you’re pregnant?” – Works for both.
  14. Thank goodness you’re good at saving!
  15. Knew it.
  16. I know a great you should check out.
  17. Have you heard is good just before the big day?
  18. Oh Wow, That’s crazy.
  19. It must be that time of year.
  20. Have you considered lily?


These answers have worked for me every single time. It’s all in the delivery so remember stick to the following. Text, so people can take it how they want. I have no desire to get married or produce children some people do. So remember when you’re using this list that the person sharing this news with you might actually be happy about it and it’s not for you to change their mind. You can still continue disliking children and running around single or coupled and happy. Then Everyone can live happily ever after and friendships are intact.



  1. Kendel says:

    I find some of these funny, but I think my pregnant self would have been less than impressed with some of these comments (if I’m being honest). Hormoneeeeeees. I think the only one I would respond to positively (then and in the future) is “congratulations”.

    1. Everyday Aimee says:

      Every single one of these has worked multiple times not only for me but for my friends without negative reaction

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