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Power Loot Crate

A couple of months ago I signed up for Loot Crate the “themed mystery box of the best geek, gaming, and pop culture gear” and last week I received box number 2 of a 3 month subscription. The theme for the May Loot Crate is Power and the items in the box mostly reflected the theme.

The Power Box

Each loot crate comes with something collectable, something wearable, something fun, a loot pin and the Loot Magazine to explain how everything ties in together.

power shirt and glove
This month the t-shirt design was in celebration of “Warcraft” coming into cinemas very soon. I lost too many friends to WOW when I was a teenager so it didn’t really grab me as a great item. Another wearable is the infinity gauntlet oven mitt aka the glove that Thanos made to win over Death, now there are two versions of this story the 6 part graphic novel series and the one that is featured in the 2010 Marvel Adventures series that features our next item , The Hulk. I am assuming this is the story that Loot Crate are following.

power figurine and pin
The Hulk Q-Fig is included due to his fighting power and the figurine has a power stance. Hulk isn’t my favourite of all the Marvel characters, I think they have softened his character a lot for the Avengers series. For a man that is supposed to be angry about life he’s pretty chill. It is however better than the Shenron Plush Keychain (Dragon ball Z) which even though it is a first attempt at the franchise for Loot Crate just seems a little tacky.

This months Loot Pin is a robot and unlocks loot in Battleborn.

Power Loot Crate


Try Loot Crate out by clicking here; This month I also have a giveaway up exclusively on Facebook check out the details here to win! 


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