Osaka to Kyoto Days 1 -2 in Japan

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osaka to kyoto bamboo forest

We’re spending 10 days in Japan and I’m going to do my best to keep up the blogging. Since I clearly haven’t been doing a great job, Days 1&2  Osaka is both together.

We stayed just outside of Osaka in the Namba area in an Airbnb apartment. We chose to go with Airbnb as it was significantly cheaper than hostels and hotels. The apartment we stayed in was super close to Dontonbori (shopping mecca) and both Metro and JR  train stations.

Day One Osaka.

This was the first full day we had and we started the day with the first coffee we could find. it was a mission but mark managed to mime his way into 2 lattes to kick us into gear. We spent the day exploring Dontonbori and managed to find ourselves on a bridge. We did some shopping and then headed to find food, we found American style burgers and after a small wait pretty much swallowed them whole.

Burgers at Critters Burgers Osaka
After checking into our Airbnb we explored a little more but to be honest, we were super tired. Our accommodation had cooking facilities so we made our own noodles for dinner with ingredients from Lawson and 7-11, then chilled out in bed.

Day Two Kyoto

We had a late start to the day and as a result didn’t make it to Kyoto until about 11 am. Then we grabbed some lunch and set off to see the bamboo forest and surrounding shrines.

Osaka to Kyoto for the Bamboo ForrestThe bamboo forest is HUGE, no joke. The bamboo towers over you as you walk through it so if you’re visiting make sure you look up. We wanted to see Fushimi Inari Taisha but we ran out of time after getting there so late, also Mark took 1000000 photos of trees and bricks so we lost some time there.

Osaka to Kyoto Shine

When you go take a wander down the road and see the shops as well. There was a line around a stall selling fried something, it was cold so we bought one with cheese. Turns out it was tofu, I didn’t like it.

There are vending machines everywhere in Japan, on the way home I purchased a can of coke from one for 100 Yen ($1). Two vending machines later I found a bigger can for the same price, so I bought that too.

Osaka Vending Machine Challenge


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