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It has been the craziest month for me. Early December I set out to buy foundation and instead purchased a car of my very own! I clearly have a shopping problem but I no longer have a car problem so I guess it evens out.

For those who understand cars its a 2015 Honda Jazz, Manual and black. I could not have made a better choice, it has fancy magic seats, iPod and bluetooth connectivity and pretty much everything else that makes it perfect. Yes I went with the tinted windows, paint protection and seat protection. So basically I got the car I wanted (except for colour) for under $20,000 and her name is Evangeline. That counts as a life win.


Evangeline the Jazz!
Evangeline the Jazz!

I could not thank Ali and the team at Ringwood Honda for all their help with bringing Evangeline into my life.

I ALSO GOT A PUPPY!! and he is the greatest. Soc’s short for Socrates (thanks mum) and he is a cavoodle. 10 weeks old and a bundle full of trouble. This month has been so tiring running around with this guy and working in retail I don’t know how I managed to survive the past month.



What have you guys been up to?


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