October Roundup.

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Tulip festival date september october

October went by way to fast. I was signing some paperwork today and I wrote the date and freaked out a little. Where did October go? What did I even do last month? So many questions and I had no answers.

Thank goodness for social media. Without it I really would not know what I got up to, October is such a blur.

Rounding up October.

Let’s start with the most important part of the month, my Birthday. Last month I turned 27 and strangely it was a quiet one. Usually, I go all out for my birthday but this year I had a couple of friends over for dinner and drinks. I got a new set of harry potter books, a couple of associated books and Mark went all out and gave me earrings.

My friend Bella flew in from England to surprise me for my birthday and a wedding. I saw her for about 6 hours all up! While it was the world’s quickest visit it was still super nice.

Tulip festival date september october

Mark and I went on a day date earlier in October to the Silvan tulip festival. There were fields and fields of tulips and as we explored I lost my fit bit along the way.

I ran safety week at work this month. I love safety, I’m weird like that. I think my staff thinks I went overboard but I had fun and people actually learned something. That’s a job win for sure. It’s also pretty much the only thing I like about my job at the moment, it has to get better right?

I joined Dayre as a brand ambassador which was really exciting. I’m still getting the hang of it but you can follow me here. In short Dayre is a social media platform that is a combination of the best bits from your favourite social sites rolled into a microblogging system. I really like it as you can read here.

Dayre october


I finished off October by going to see slipknot on Halloween, they were amazing. I almost didn’t go and was offered a ticket at the last minute.


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