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*This is not a sponsored post, but if Love Lois wanted to I am open to it! 

As a female, I am strongly on the team of I hate periods. I mentioned this to someone once and got a 30-minute lecture on how I should be thankful for being a woman and the ability to give birth etc. When it comes down to it, they gross me out and I am forever unable to anticipate its arrival bar the feeling of wanting to burst into tears all the time just before I get that monthly visit.

Pink Diary Period
Thankfully I have recently started using Pink Diary (iPhone, android is also available) to monitor all things I don’t want to dwell on and to try to help me stay that bit more organised when shopping. In short, I buy lady products, I lose lady products over the month. So while Pink Diary is an excellent timing system it wasn’t working for my organisation.

I actually sat down recently and worked out a budget and monthly shopping list (I’m being ambitious) to try and remember to buy all the things I need and somehow left anything hygienic, soap included, off the list.

How Does Love Lois Come Into It?

This month I also discovered Love Lois, another subscription box product but this one is a monthly box for your monthlies, aka your period. You can choose between Organic and Regular products and there are 4 different boxes, varying prices, different brands and if you want wings.

Love Lois Box Shot

Then you enter the date of your next period, Your cycle, choose from delivery options, add your birthday, make a payment and then Voila!  Lady Products at your door!. My Love Lois box came through on Friday and it’s more than enough to see anyone through. I went with the Melina Regular box and received the following;

Love Lois Contents2x box of tampons- regular and mini, from now on it will only be one box alternating each month.

5x night time pads

3x regular 2x light pads


It’s totally worth the $25ish a month for peace of mind.  You can check out Love Lois at their website, on facebook or follow them on twitter.

Have a box you love? I want to check it out, leave it in the comments below!


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