Day 17: The Next Big Goal

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Goal setting and achieving isn’t on everyone’s to do list. I believe in having goals, I like to think they’re a good way to move forward. If were all honest with ourselves we can admit that life isn’t always kind and it doesn’t always go to plan. So we come up with something to work towards, we create our next goal.

This challenge asked us to write a bucket list a few posts ago and as a result my goal right now is to cross some things of that list.

Bucket List Goal.

Crossing things off a bucket list can take time, I know this. However there is no better time to start than now.

Bucket List Item 3. Go Travelling with Mark. Considering that we just paid for flights to Japan this one if fast becoming a reality. Although Japan has never really been on my list of places to go it became a priority when I found out that Yellowcard would be playing there.

Bucket List Item 6. Get a job in my idea career path. I want to work in safety because im weird like that so I have been doing a lot of research on courses and uni/ tafes  this week. A career in safety means more study, booo.

Bucket List Item 7. Grow my blog to 2000+ subscribers.

*cough* you can sign up here*cough*

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Bucket List Item 4. Learn a second language. I downloaded the Duo Lingo app to help me with this! so far I can say “she eats the apple” in Italian.

What is your next goal?

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