May Favourite Things

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May Favourite Things

I thought I was about due for a post on a few of my favourite things, Today I am going to share with you my May Favourite Things and maybe you will find something you love too!
May was a jam packed month for me, I had friends move to town and others move away (sad face!) The weather dropped in temperature and winter really started showing.  There was so much going on that I had to challenge myself to slow down and enjoy everything which was surprisingly hard. It did make me think about the things I was doing more and as a result I have a list of my May favourite Things.

May Favourite Music

Pretty sure I have mentioned him before but Australian artist Mike Waters released his debut EP this month titled “Life”. You can grab a digital copy of it for just $5.99 AUD by clicking the image below.
Mike Waters- LifeAlso check out the piano version of Lamp Lights by Scalar Fields, Aussie music killed it for me for May.

May Favourite Body and Beauty.

Raspberry red is my go to lipstick during winter and and Maybelline’s colour whisper in ‘who wore it red-er’ is the perfect combination of colour and conditioner for me. Extendalash is my current mascara and the two step application actually takes the same amount of time as any one coat mascara, check it out.

May Favourite Fashions

I am loving This Dreamcatcher Scarf by Her Fashion Box***. Its the perfect amount of light yet warm and size to keep my neck warm while doubling as a blanket. The scarf is perfectly paired with my fedora also from Her Fashion Box.

Dreamcatcher Scarf
Dreamcatcher Scarf //Her Fashion Box*** Hat //Her Fashion Box***

Have you tried any of my favourites? Let me know what your May Favourite was!


    1. Everyday Aimee says:

      Thanks miss! I love hats they’re the perfect excuse to not do all my hair

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