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Favourite Band Britney Spears

Hooray! a fun post! I really struggled with yesterdays post and I put it on the list! I seriously love music, I can’t stand the quiet and music fills that void so I don’t have to talk to myself! Todays question is; Who is your favourite band or musician? What is your favourite track by them and why?

Ohh Good question! Thanks for asking self! Why you’re welcome self!

Who is your favourite band or musician? 

My favourite band is Yellowcard and it breaks my heart that they are breaking up. On the up side I am going to some of their last shows so I’m really excited for that. My favourite ‘musician’ and I will use that term loosely because I have never seen her with an instrument is Britney Spears. I don’t know why but I LOVE her. Britney is my spirit animal.

What is your favourite track by them and why?

Oh boy, picking a favourite song by Yellowcard is so hard! Over 10 albums and 100 songs makes it hard to choose so I will share 2 songs.

First songs is Lights and Sounds off The album Lights and sounds. This song cannot be on in the car because I’m guaranteed to speed but for any other occasion it is always perfect.

The second songs is With You Around off the album When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes. I think I chose this one because it’s the song Mark and I would call ‘our song’.

The number one song by Britney Spears is and always will be Oops… I did it again. One because it is amazing and two that body suit 😍, fashion goals.


While Yellowcard and Britney are vastly different in terms of genre I genuinely could not pick between them. What is your favourite band or musician?



    1. Everyday Aimee says:

      It was the best for sure!

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