Money, Money, Money. Must be funny. (Blogathon Day 5)

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Todays question was ‘How do you budget your money, IF you do budget?”


Thankfully I do budget because with work being as crazy as it is and still needing a social life a budget is crazy important.

Mostly I used excell spreadsheets because I’m one of those rare humans who isnt an accountant yet still knows how to build formulas in excell. Otherwise there are a few apps out there that can help you.

When I use an app I use Toshl  Finance, Mainly beacuase it is crazy simple to use and it has push notifications that remind me to update each day. It lets me enter regular expenses and add any extra income as well as letting m set a spending budget for the week.

The most important reason why i budget is so that I have a good balance between bills and I can pre plan for expenses. It also helps me save!!

Everyone budgets in their own way so make sure whatever you do suits you.


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