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This months Bella Box is named Mindful Beauty and with that theme came organic and environmentally friendly products!

Mindful Beauty - April

I’m always interested to try out organic products. Usually they’re either fantastic or a disaster, this box was a little of both.

What I loved about the Mindful Beauty Box.

Aspar Vanilla & Orange Lip Moisturiser.Made my lips so so smooth and it smells amazing. Although it has a strong scent it has no flavour which means I wasn’t constantly seeking to eat it.
Mindful Beauty Box Lip Liner
Coral Colours Lip Pencil in 217 Kungura Berry. I’ve said it before and il say it again I am a huge fan of the Coral Colours Brand. This lip pencil is no exception. I love the richness of the colour and the moisturising qualities of the pencil.

Wotnot Facial Wipes. These wipes are surprisingly good! Managed to take off waterproof eyeliner without issue and no oil left on my skin. They’re also well priced at $8.40 for 25 wipes.

What I Didn’t Love About The Mindful Beauty Box.

A’kin Revitalising Celluler Radience Serum. I put this on just before I went to bed and woke up with pimples!! It may have just been my skin but I am not in love with this product at all.

Sukin Facial Treatment Oil. Decided to spot test this on my hand before I put it on my face and it left me quiet greasy. Not something to love. I ended up going and scrubbing my hands so it didn’t stay all day.

The Mindful Beauty box was a bit touch and go for me, I’m glad I keep an open mind about organic so i could give this box a chance and it has been better than the past few! Sign up to Bella Box by clicking the link below. (The Mindful Beauty box is SOLD OUT)


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