Melbourne Tourist Basics.

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Melbourne Tourist Basics

I love being a tourist in my own country. Popping into different states and seeing what they have to offer is something I think everyone should experience. As much as I enjoy going to other states playing Melbourne tourist is one of my favourite past times. If you’re not a local Melbourne can be overwhelming, to be honest it can be overwhelming as a local. To make it less confusing you need to get to know the Melbourne Tourist Basics.

Melbourne Tourist Basics

The Melbourne Tourist Basics.


Whos key? Your key. Don’t feel bad if you just can’t understand Myki, Most locals can’t either. Myki is our reusable public transport ticket system that can be used on trains, busses and trams all around Victoria. A Myki card will set you back about $6 for the card and a full day metro ticket (Myki Money) will set you back about $8 per day or you can save a little and buy a Myki Pass for 7 days at $37.60.

The idea behind Myki is that you touch the card to the touch on point when you are getting on or off your mode of transport. For trains this is at the gates before you get on and for trams/busses this is done when you get on the tram or bus. Myki’s can be purchased and topped up at most stations, 7/11’s and online, try to always keep your Myki topped up and make sure you have the right fare level card (full fare, concession, senior or child). Keep in mind that Melbourne’s ticket inspectors are always around and they can be pretty harsh giving out fines.


We love our trams in Melbourne, It reduces the need for train stations in the city and creates easier access to a lot more destinations with hundreds of stops and connecting trams . Using the trams means you will need a Myki for most destinations, However some parts of this wonderful city are FREE to travel through! If you want to only travel on trams for free keep an eye out for the city circle which is totally free and gives you tonnes of info about Melbourne while you travel. If you want to know more about the free travel area and city circle go here.

You can plan your journey to any destination by using public transport victoria’s journey planner  and of course google maps!


Visitor information has two main booths in the city, One in Federation square and the other on Bourke st mall. Both destinations are equipped with enough people and maps that you will get the fastest and most direct  route to where you need to go. Otherwise check in with your hotel front desk who are also equipped with maps and destination recommendations.

Hopefully this helps cover your Melbourne tourist basics! Let me know if you want to see more of these posts or if you have any recommendations of Melbourne Tourist Basics


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