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Hooray! April is here and a new month means new empties. Some of my March empties were actually a surprise this month, I didn’t realise that I was running out until they were able to be used for this post!. 
The worst part about running out of a product is remembering to restock it before that happens, the likelihood of that happening is slim.

March EmptiesMarch Empties Are: 

Garnier Original BB Cream. While I realised I was running out I truly never thought this would end. I lived in BB Cream this summer, it’s so much lighter than foundation and with a tan my colour matched foundation no longer matched. I was disappointed to find this product ready for my march empties list.

Will I restock? Yes! BB Cream is the perfect transition makeup for summer to winter skin shades.

Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment. It took me ages to get through this product, worked through wet hair this added time to my already extensive hair drying routine. While the miracle treatment helped with my dry ends it also made it greasier sooner and I’m glad it has ended up on my March empties.

Will I Restock? Not anytime soon. My hair is in good condition without this product so I don’t need it.

Blackmores Hair, Skin and Nails. Taken with my vitamins each morning I only realised I was running out about 3 days before hand. This hair skin and nails is one I have actually seen results with. Having the foresight that I was coming up to an empties post and an empty jar I went out and picked up a new jar straight away and kept my empty jar just for the march empties post!

Will I restock? I already have!

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo. Seriously the only dry shampoo I use and its a bargin! This dry shampoo retails at $3.00 and works in all the right ways. I wasn’t too worried when this hit my marcg empties list because its so  easy to get my hands on

Will I restock? Absolutely, cheap and works perfectly. Why would I change?

Only 4 products for my March Empties this month. Have you tried any of the products on my March Empties list?


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