Manchester Orchestra were perfection.

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Last night I took myself on a date and went to see Manchester Orchestra at the Corner Hotel, Richmond.


Kevin Devine was the main support and they had him open which I thought was clever for two reason; a lot of people only come for the international act and turn up after the local support has finished. The build up of the music, Kevin Devine is primarily an acoustic artist and vocal who has an exceptional grasp on how to use his instruments. To put him after the heavier band Apes wouldn’t have made musical sense.

The whole show was perfect, more than I could have hoped for. The room wasn’t too packed and the vibes were good. I ran into a bunch of friends and we smashed some ciders on a warm spring night and just had an excellent time.

I had forgotten how nice it is to go out by myself and just do something I love doing. Also I got this sweet shirt;


Do you go places by yourself? What’s your favourite?


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