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Starting at or heading back to Hogwarts is an exciting time in any young witch or wizards life. For muggles like us, Loot Crate bi-monthly is all the Hogwarts excitement we need. While us muggles won’t receive a list via owl post of the things we need the team at Loot Crate have put together our must-haves so we can pretend we’re going back to Hogwarts.

So what are the muggles Must-Haves?

A Hogwarts house scarf as per the house you have been sorted into on Pottermore. This scarf goes with the beanie we all got in the Hogwarts Housepride crate. I feel like we’re being set up to attend a Quidditch game and I’m expecting a portkey in the next box.

Must-Haves loot crate scarf

To accompany you on your imaginary trip back to Hogwarts is Harry Potters Wand Pen. Allowing you to not enchant things but get some work done in your muggle life. I think that if the pen were a pencil it would go better with the next item. Muggle and Wizard must-haves include sweets from Honeydukes. Instead of magical sweets, they have been toned down into erasers that won’t jump out the window of a moving train. Disappointingly the Chocolate frog eraser did not come with a collectable card of Dumbledore.

Since this is a Wizarding World crate and not just a Harry Potter crate some Macusa (Magical Congress of the United States of America) stationary has been included. The stationary is just basic supplies for any witch, wizard or muggle.

Finally, my favourite item in the box is Salazar Slytherins Locket which is part of the Horcrux pin series. Not necessarily a must-have for going back to Hogwarts but I would say it is one of the must-haves if you’re collecting the pins.

You can get the Wizarding World Crate fromWizarding World "> Loot Crate*** WORLDWIDE.


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