Lonely, I’m so lonely.

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This week I have been thinking about my awesome friends and while I don’t talk to them everyday I do talk to them frequently throughout the week. Then I started thinking about the friends who got away. The ones that went overseas and while I chat to them on social media I never see them anymore, I’m not even sure I have the correct contact number.

So I’ve set myself a new challenge. There are 29 weeks until the end of the year and I intend to see in person, thats right face to face, at least one different person a week. This person could be anyone from someone I speak to frequently to someone I haven’t seen in too long.  The main rule is that it cannot be a group catch up, thats not cheating and my purpose for doing this is too see them one on one.

I’m excited because I have a real opportunity to re-connect with a lot of people I havn’t seen in a long time.


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