Life Is What Happens When You Have Three Puppies.

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Three Puppies

No that heading is not a joke! 2 weeks ago we added two new puppies to our already crazy household. Now my life is all about puppies and in no way is that a bad thing.

I have money problems in that I am terrible at saving and when I see something I want, I buy it. So when mum rang me and asked if I wanted a Border Collie puppy there wasn’t even a second before I said yes. That’s how Gracie came into my life.

So 3 puppies?

Now we have 3 puppies, all under 12 months old. Socs the Cavoodle, Zeus the Border Collie and Gracie the Border Collie (Zeus and Gracie and related). Gracie is my dog while Socs and Zeus are for the family, It took me 3 days to name Gracie. She started of as Queenie and her name changed a million times before I settles on Gracie after Grace Kelly.

Gracie one of three Puppies
Socs The Cavoodle
Socs The Cavoodle
Zeus one of three puppies
Zeus the over excitable one

Socs is our oldest puppy, we got him back in December and he is the leader of all the trouble. Most of the time he will rev the other two up and then get tired of their energy.

Zeus doesn’t know how to be calm, still or quiet. Any photo of him is blurry because he is always running around. He is also the bravest of all three squeezing through all the gaps in our house to explore. Gracie is calm most of the time but if there is a fight its a guarantee that she is in the middle of it. Her attitude to life is the same as Marie from the Aristocats.

ladies dont start fights
Being a blogger social media is a huge part of my everyday and so of course Gracie has her own Instagram account you can follow here. 


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