June Favourites From A Disaster Month

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June went by so fast and the month as a whole was a disaster! Looking back I am trying to focus on the good things and not the bad things so I’m sharing my June Favourites and asking for a little bit of help. But first;

What were my June Favourites?


New OITNB came out, lasted 2 days (binge watching!) And now I get to spend 12 months waiting for a new season. Not great but season 3 was actually so good and I loved seeing an Aussie on there. Number one of my June Favourites for sure.

Orphan Black, June Favourites

I also started watching Orphan Black and it is keeping me on the edge of my seat. I’m not usually into thriller or sci-fi but I cannot move away from this show.

Also Hilary Duff’s new album Breathe In, Breathe out is pumping in the pretty much all the time now.


Picked up another set of 1000 thread count sheets and they are ruling my life. So comfy and now I can change my sheets and have fresh ones instantly.

Round Mirror, June Favourites
Round Mirror with Chain // Target Australia $20

I also picked up this mirror for just $20 at full price!! Thinking about placing it above my dressing table, but I am open to suggesting because I am struggling.


Stress created a hurricane in my life this month and I had a huge stress break out 😔. This month I went back to basics to give my skin a break, focusing on cleansing and moisturising has improved my skin condition and the break out didn’t last long. Not really one of my June Favourites but the fact that my skin is looking and feeling better absolutely is.

What are you loving from the last month? Where do you think I should hang this mirror? HELP!!


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