July Favourites

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July Favourites

This July I focused on rehydration. Winter drains my body of hydration, heaters blasting quick entrances into the cold means my skin is in constant battle with the elements. My July favourites are mostly about staying hydrated! I know that drinking tonnes of water improves your skin and health dramatically but the reality is I’m not ready to give up coffee and I don’t have time to drink that much water each day 0r the bathroom breaks that come with it.

July Favourites:

July Favourites


Inside and out I know everything you put into and on your body affects your skin, while it doesn’t stop me from eating whatever I want it is always in the back of my mind.

Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub for everyday exfoliating is actually the best. Taking the time to actually clean my face most days has reduced my acne bursts and my skin feels softer and looks brighter.

ChapStick Night Repair is amazing. By the end of my day my lips are showing the results of talking too much and not drinking enough water. While this lip treatment isn’t a miracle overnight cure for dry dehydrated lips it does help to soften and smooth.

Gastrolyte is mainly for when you have gastro and are super dehydrated, It also works when you don’t have enough time in the day to consume 8 glasses of water. This is ok for time to time DO NOT rely on this as an everyday treatment/ cheat.


My Silver Bullet 32mm hair curler means that I can go 3 days without washing. Washing my hair too often in winter drys it out and then I spend too much on hair product. Day 1 is  straight hair. Day 2 is rollover hair and Day 3 is dry shampoo and curls. Winter hair survival 101 and the easiest way for me to get ready in the morning.


I actually got Jasmin Noir by BVLGARI for my birthday but I only wear it occasionally. The best way to describe this scent is forrest like, warm wood undertones with a fresh floral scent. Its a more formal scent and with so many weddings coming up it is getting a workout.

Nivia deodorant mini’s have been a life saver this month as well, they’re handbag size and with a cap don’t spray all over my handbag. Winter means more layers to stay warm and staying warm often means being a little sweaty. This carry around size is perfect for me!

What are your July favourites?


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