Japan A first impression.

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This morning at 5 am Mark and I Set off for our Japan adventure. Even at 5 am we both found the enthusiasm we needed to get going and hauled butt to the airport. Luckily we stayed at the Manta Tullermarine and the airport shuttle was only about 10 minutes.

We chose to stay near the airport so no one had to drive us in the morning and so we didn’t have to get up stupidly early. To get the best price on the room we used Hotels Combined and saved about $200 on the hotel.

From Melbourne to Japan we flew with Qantas and I have 0 complaints. We were in the very last row which might bother some but for us it was great! It meant we were near the toilets and anyone who knows me knows I always need to go to the toilet. It also meant we could put our seats back as far as possible and no one would complain.

Food and entertainment during the flight were excellent. I preordered our food so we got served first. I also got to order the online exclusive; duck. Mark chose to have a salad, I know, I don’t understand it either.

I slept for about 5 minutes and I think mark did the same. When we landed in Tokyo we realised a couple of things;

  1. We were tired.
  2. We should have learnt some Japanese
  3. The airport is confusing!
  4. Japan’s customs is a little more tedious than other countries.
  5. We needed a wifi!
  6. Information booths are our friend.

We had to collect our luggage and then re-check it to catch the domestic flight to Osaka. That was annoying. It was also with Jetstar so naturally it was late to depart. I never have any luck with jetstar.

For the flights we went through Peta at Flightcenter (if you click those words she can help you out too!) and so everything went as smoothly as possible. I’m currently writing this on the plane to Osaka, thank god for offline mode right!?

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