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The best thing about being in a relationship is that you always have someone to date. Most people tend to think that dating stops when you become ‘official’ because you’re not trying to impress them anymore, obviously I disagree (because if I didn’t this post wouldn’t be happening!). The First date, second dates and fortieth dates are all just as important as the other. The more dates you have the more adventures you can have because you know each other better.
Today I am doing a post of 5 ‘just dating’ dates and 5 ‘couples dates’.
No idea where to go on your first date or follow-up date? These five date ideas were tried and tested by yours truly and my merry band of friends.

THE First Date.

1. The Zoo because no one hates animals that much, right? If they do I’m pretty sure a meerkat can change their (or your) mind. The zoo is a great first date, you can pack your own lunch or buy it there. Use the map to hunt down your favourite animal, imitate all the statues and try to see some shows or feeding times.

2. A Festival or Fair.
Mark and my first date was at the Royal Melbourne Show it was so much fun and we’re trying to make it a tradition. The tricky thing about this is that these usually run throughout the school holidays and that means teenagers everywhere. However, if you time it so you go at the start of the holidays it’s not so bad. Play some games, go on some rides and eat a few Dagwood dogs, diets don’t exist there so have some fun.

Royal Melbourne Show '13 Reliving our first date!
Royal Melbourne Show ’13
Reliving our first date!
Warped Tour '13
Warped Tour ’13


3. Mini Golf.
How lame right? So lame its AWESOME. No one is good at mini golf and if they are they need someone like you to distract them from their vigorous mini golf practice schedule. This is a date for all seasons as most places have an indoor and outdoor course. If you can find a Glow in the dark course make an agreement to wear a lot of white for those UV lights. Just remember the highest score wins, or at least it does a when I play.

4. Dinner.
It had to be on here eventually. Some people just really love an old-fashioned dinner date. A nice restaurant with great food and maybe even a little bit of wine never goes astray.

5. The Aquarium.
With all the crazy things that live in the ocean, this is one date that will not be awkward. From penguins to fish with giant teeth and onto stingrays and fish that glow the aquarium keeps you entertained and talkative.

This Is My First Date in a While List

So you’ve been together for a while and want to go on a cute couples date. Mark and I have a list of things we would like to do and we tick them off one by one.

1. Build a Fort.
Grab all the sheets and pillows you have, a bucket of clothes pegs and any furniture you think may help. Drag your mattress out and have a fort day, watching movies and eating popcorn and doing nothing but hang out.

Fort Building

2. Dress Up and Go Out.
Humans love to dress up. So put on your dresses and suits, book a fancy restaurant and head on out. This is a no expense spared activity so make sure you save up a bit for the night so you can order the best food and beverages.

3. Treasure Hunt Hard Rubbish.
Find out when your next collection is and lock in an evening to go through other peoples hard rubbish. You might find something you need or find something awesome.

4. Pick Your Own Adventure Date.
This is one that I have been working on for a while. The idea is to give your partner a choice of two things, whichever they choose leads to another choice and so on. Try aim for about 10 choices but make sure you map it out because you’re going to need about 50 options!

5. Hotel Nights.
Save up a little and plan a night out with your other. Stay in a hotel and do something locally. If you’re in the city go to a show and dinner, the country? go to a wine or cheese night.

The night Marky and I booked a hotel room and saw YELLOWCARD!
The night Marky and I booked a hotel room and saw YELLOWCARD!

When it comes to dating I think the most important thing is remembering to keep it fun. From the First date to the next date the remember, if you’re having fun then they will too.


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