I’m movin on, I’m feelin’ strong, I’m good as gone, Out of your heart babe..

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My last post was basically me saying that I’m not really ready to do all the things expected of me as I get older and not at all wiser. This post I am back to post about how excited I am to have made the decision to attempt to move out again.

The first time I moved out I was 18 years and 1 day old and determined to gain my freedom as what Australia legally deems to be an adult. I was out and I was free, or so I thought. I lasted two years out and I have no regrets, However when that horrible letter came telling us to evict as they were demolishing the property I called home I was in no financial position to lay down a bond on a new rental property so back to mum I went.

Thankfully this time I have part time hours on a contract with no official end date and a better grasp on how money works, At least I hope I do.

I’m also lucky to be moving in with one of my best friends and her gorgeous daughter (miss 5) so it’s not like I will be completely alone or with strangers. We’re currently looking at rental properties and applying for any place with three or more bedrooms within our price range.

If you have any tips on how to make a rental your own I’d love to hear them, Leave them in the comments below.

Todays Song: I’m Moving On- Scott Cain

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