I Tried A $5 Bra for a Week.

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First off let’s get this out-of-the-way, boobs. Are we good? Ok.

I spend a lot of money each year on underwear. A bra is not cheap and everywhere you go the fit is slightly different *rolls eyes*. After trying to find a new bra for almost two weeks I finally found one I liked and all it was going to set me back was a cool $119.

It’s a no from me. Then I came across a $5 bra at Target and thought, $5 is worth a day of potential struggle. So I purchased it. Let it be known that I went into this with the intention of one day and significant doubt.

Could a $5 bra be comfortable?

The true test of any bra is time. It can be comfortable or tolerable for one day, but can it be comfortable for longer? Could it be comfortable for a week?

$5 bra for a week

Day 1.

The bra isn’t too bad, it mostly covers the boob and the band has to be put on the very last hook even though I purchased the correct size. Today I worked and that involved a lot of movement including climbing ladders and lifting things. It was also 40 degrees today so I was a bit sweaty (gross I know), but the bra didn’t rub and that’s a plus.

As soon as I got home I gave it a was because of 1. sweaty and 2. If I’m wearing a bra for a week it needs to be clean.

Day 2. 

The bra dried overnight, not surprising as there is little padding to it. It washed fairly well so no complaints there. Another warm day at work and much busier than day 1. The shoulder strap drove me crazy today, it kept slipping down and then I had to adjust it over and over. It felt like it was sticking up a bit today but that could be the material of my shirt. Unsure.

Day 3.

Bra did not dry overnight, had to blow dry it this morning before I could get dressed. The underwire held the heat for a while too. You win some you lose some.
A quiet day at work, Had a lot of desk duties and no bra issues. Dinner tonight with some friends, zero issues again. I am deeming today 10/10 boobs.

Day 4.

Day off from work! Spent the day doing chores including a few loads of washing so the bra got another wash. Noticed some pilling around the base of the band. A little disappointing but I guess it was only a $5 bra.

Day 5.

Back at work, no rest in retail. Today the $5 bra rubbed, mostly where the underwire finished near the armpit. that Paired with the bits where it doesn’t cover the boob had me looking forward to going home and taking this $5 bra off.

Day 6.

Woke up to a red spot from where the bra was rubbing the day before, I committed to a week so on it went. My outfit today was a dress and the bra has started to turn up at the top of the cup. I keep telling myself that it was only $5 but I am becoming less impressed by this bra by the minute.

Day 7.

Hooray! I made it. Again I had washed the bra last night but it was dry this morning. Surprisingly the bra has seemed to correct itself to lay flat again and today it didn’t rub.

Was the $5 bra worth it?

Overall the $5 bra was an experience. I will be keeping it but mostly so I have a nude bra in my drawer. If I do wear it again it won’t be for consecutive days. It was comfortable for the most part but if I did buy again I would go up one cup size for better coverage and size.


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